Which online marketing tools and agency tools are the best for your digital marketing strategy?

The digital marketing landscape has changed rapidly since the days of AOL, but one thing hasn’t changed: the best way to deliver targeted ads to your audience is still through your own agency.And for some people, this agency-led approach is the only way to go.A report released by the Institute for Creative Technologies (ICTS) this week suggests that, while most […]

B2B internet marketing is the future

B2Bs internet marketing will be the future, according to a leading research firm.The new report, from Strategy Analytics, warns that B2b marketers will be able to reach more customers through mobile and video in the next five years than ever before.“It is clear that the current landscape for internet marketing has shifted dramatically and that B 2B marketing will have […]

Why the internet is dying and what you need to do about it

It’s been five years since the launch of the internet, and things have changed dramatically.It’s still a highly regulated environment and the market is saturated with all the competing services.And now, the internet’s main players are getting in on the action.A report commissioned by the Irish Government says that the internet market is set to become the second-largest in the […]

Google Ads Video: ‘If I Want to Make A Decision, I Should Watch This Video’

Next Big Futures is a digital content marketing agency that is dedicated to creating content that brings people together in a way that is relevant and engaging.We work with some of the most prominent influencers and brands in the world, and we provide them with opportunities to leverage their social media presence and brand awareness to grow their audiences and […]

How to Find the Best Online Marketing Platforms in 2018

This is part of our brand new blog series that highlights the best online marketing platforms around the world.We’re aiming to bring you the best advice, advice on how to use, and the best marketing content in 2018.So, join us in 2018 as we look at the best tools for online marketing, and what you can do with them.Read on […]

Email marketing for the job: What you need to know about email marketing

Email marketing has been around since the 1970s, and is the most popular form of online marketing today.However, the term “email marketing” was coined in 2014 and it refers to the email campaigns that are sent to a customer to engage them.The term is often used in the same way as Google Analytics, or the Google Trends website.A good email […]

GOP senator calls for ‘sustainable’ internet marketing in 2018

GOP Senator Chuck Grassley says his constituents deserve “sustainable” internet marketing, which could help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.“My constituents deserve sustainable internet marketing that is not tied to a single vendor,” Grassley told reporters Thursday in Washington.“That’s what I’m asking for.It should be about making sure that our providers, the companies that provide our internet, are going to […]

Facebook pays $250K to help save Internet-Only Shopping for Amazon

Facebook is looking to help Amazon save its online retail business by paying $250,000 to a San Francisco law firm that helped it get the go-ahead to use a special technology called “Skyhook” to allow shoppers to buy online from Amazon, a source with knowledge of the deal told TechCrunch.The deal, which was first reported by The Verge, will be […]

When Is The Best Time To Buy From Amazon?

The online retailer is facing a major marketing push after its $5.5 billion purchase of the online marketplace.But that’s only the beginning of what it has planned for the future.The online retail giant is spending heavily on the new online retail space with a plan to grow it to $25 billion in sales by 2020.It’s also investing heavily in the […]

Google’s internet marketing program wins $40 million online advertising award

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.— Google Inc. has won a $40-million online advertising prize for its program that lets marketers target ads to B2B marketers and the general public.The $40,000 award, announced Thursday, is part of a $150-million investment by Google in online marketing in 2017.The program is known as Google B2.B2B.Google said it would use the money to expand its advertising program […]