Google has added a brand to its search engine

DALLAS — Google’s search engine, which allows users to search for the most popular content, has added one more brand to the search results for the word “internet.”The search giant has posted a new brand on its home page for “internet marketing,” which is designed to help marketers identify and market to their target audience.The new brand, “Google Internet Marketing,” […]

How to Use Slingshot Online Marketing Directory

Marketing experts say online marketing is a powerful tool for boosting the online brand.The new version of the Slingshot Internet Marketing Directory can help brands with a broad range of products and services.The tool includes online content, search, marketing analytics, and product reviews, among other features.Slingshots, which has been in use since 2005, is now free to users.It offers a […]

A.I.M. CEO: ‘We can’t let the ‘fake news’ get in the way of the truth’

The head of A.Is.Media, which owns TheWrap, said there are many things wrong with the media.But he added that we can’t allow the “fake news” to get in our way of “the truth.”TheWailer is currently airing an episode of “The Real News” that is a podcast in which he interviews people like Glenn Beck and Fox News anchor Greta Van […]