When is the best time to start selling art online?

By now, you should have a good idea of when to start marketing online.And the same goes for websites.The same goes if you want to start a blog, or a podcast.It’s all about how quickly you want your site to reach a mass audience.So, what are some tips and tactics to get started?Let’s talk about some of the main things […]

Why do we keep paying for ads in the first place?

The internet has evolved a lot since it was first conceived.And the technology has improved so much that we have become accustomed to paying for content online.And, for those of us who are in the digital age, it’s often not always easy to figure out what’s in front of us.The internet is a rich and fascinating place, and it’s also […]

How to turn the Internet into a cash cow

When you look at the Internet and think about it as a cash cows, you have to think about all the other businesses that are on it, not just the ones that are making money.Now, there are some businesses that have been around forever, and they have been profitable for a long time, and it’s a very profitable industry, but […]