Why you should take a scorpion for a friend

In India, scorpions are often seen as a natural weapon.As a result, scorpion-related businesses in the country have become big business.However, scorpio-related products can be a headache for the Indian consumer.This is where scorpion brand Scorpion comes in.The scorpion business is now worth $8 billion, according to an online research firm.According to the research firm, Scorpion’s business has been growing […]

Why do some brands try to get you to buy their product?

The latest trend in marketing is the idea that consumers are buying the products we are marketing them to.But that’s not necessarily true.Consumers may be buying these products because they like them, or because they want to.Brands have a vested interest in making consumers want what they’re selling.They want you to think they’re the brand youre buying.So what does this […]