How to get the most out of your internet marketing campaign

A new study from the University of Winnipeg has discovered the most effective way to increase the engagement of your online marketing campaign is to have an online presence.The study found that the presence of a website that links to relevant resources is more effective than one that doesn’t.“A website that provides an engaging content experience is a more valuable […]

How to win the online marketing race in Cebu

Cebuanos have been trying for years to compete with online marketers in the Philippines.The Philippines has the world’s second largest population of internet users, according to the latest Census, with nearly 10 billion users, making it the third most popular country on the planet after the United States and the United Kingdom.But with the country’s economic woes and the threat […]

How to be an internet marketing expert

An internet marketing professor from Israel has written a course on how to be a successful online marketing professional.According to a report by Haaretz, the course, entitled “Online Marketing, Marketing Analytics, and Marketing Management: What You Need to Know,” will teach the basics of internet marketing to the public, but will also cover advanced topics such as social media and […]