Which online marketing tools and agency tools are the best for your digital marketing strategy?

The digital marketing landscape has changed rapidly since the days of AOL, but one thing hasn’t changed: the best way to deliver targeted ads to your audience is still through your own agency.And for some people, this agency-led approach is the only way to go.A report released by the Institute for Creative Technologies (ICTS) this week suggests that, while most […]

Google Ads Video: ‘If I Want to Make A Decision, I Should Watch This Video’

Next Big Futures is a digital content marketing agency that is dedicated to creating content that brings people together in a way that is relevant and engaging.We work with some of the most prominent influencers and brands in the world, and we provide them with opportunities to leverage their social media presence and brand awareness to grow their audiences and […]

When Is The Best Time To Buy From Amazon?

The online retailer is facing a major marketing push after its $5.5 billion purchase of the online marketplace.But that’s only the beginning of what it has planned for the future.The online retail giant is spending heavily on the new online retail space with a plan to grow it to $25 billion in sales by 2020.It’s also investing heavily in the […]

Why is your online traffic so low?

The internet has never been more dynamic and responsive.We all use social media and online forums constantly to interact and share content.We can all connect via the internet, and it’s a wonderful tool.But, as a webmaster, I know that our internet traffic isn’t the only part of our daily lives that’s going to suffer.This infographic explains why this is the […]

‘We’re looking for a big-name investor for our first phase’ – Irish broadband group

We have a big ambition for Irish broadband, but we are still looking for someone to invest in the next phase.We are looking for some big names to invest.“We’re talking about a multi-billion dollar investment,” says Michael Binnie, chief executive of Irish Broadband, the company that owns Irish Broadcaster.We want to get into that big-market business and we want to […]

Why are people buying a Google ad on the internet?

A Google ad is a piece of text or logo that is placed on a website or social network, typically to advertise a brand, service or product.The Google ad network, or Google AdWords, is responsible for determining what a user sees in an ad and determining the best way to market that ad to the user.The AdWords network also provides […]

Internet marketing job vacancies in Australia

The job vacancies for Internet Marketing Professionals (IME) and Marketing Assistants (MA) can be found in various industries and industries of various types.These vacancies are available on the job site jobsearch.com.au and online in the form of job ads.The most recent job ad for IME posted on March 2, 2018 shows that the position is filled by a candidate from […]

When should you buy a book online?

When you buy something online, you need to pay for it and it’s usually free.But how much is too much?Is it worth spending a little extra on an ebook?And is it better to have a free copy of your book or a paid copy?We ask all these questions and more in our new book, ‘The Ultimate Guide to Book Buying […]

What’s next for web marketing?

The internet is a powerful tool for brand marketing.With over 100 million unique visitors per day, it’s an enormous platform for web content creation.However, it also holds great promise for online marketing, where it can provide great content to reach a wider audience.This article looks at the current state of the industry and how things are changing.1.Brand Marketing for Facebook […]

How to build a website that will wow your visitors

The internet is awash with content.You can find everything from news stories to movies to music to books.But, it’s also filled with advertising.You need to know what kinds of things to target and how to present them to your visitors.To make your website relevant, you need to be able to show them the content that is relevant.This is called an […]