How to market a ‘socially responsible’ website

A website with a social responsibility section has found itself in hot water with the Irish Advertising Standards Authority (IASA) after its owners claimed that it was ‘anti-feminist’.The Irish Times has written to the Advertising Standards Committee (ASCC) over the company’s claims, which are part of an anti-misogynistic agenda that is allegedly being pushed by the company.According to the ASCC, […]

Why do people still buy hotel room upgrades?

A hotel upgrade is one of the few products that people buy in the Indian market.It provides a cheap, easy and hassle-free way of upgrading your hotel room or any other part of your home.But it also raises a few questions.Here are a few of the most common.What is a hotel upgrade?A hotel is the building of a building, the […]

How to create a viral campaign

I’m a writer with a background in online marketing and advertising.I’m always looking for new ideas to help my business grow.I recently came across a blog post from Belize’s marketing agency, and I knew I wanted to try it out.I started with a few basic concepts to start off with.The goal was to generate a series of articles on the […]