Why the internet is dying and what you need to do about it

It’s been five years since the launch of the internet, and things have changed dramatically.It’s still a highly regulated environment and the market is saturated with all the competing services.And now, the internet’s main players are getting in on the action.A report commissioned by the Irish Government says that the internet market is set to become the second-largest in the […]

How to build a website that will wow your visitors

The internet is awash with content.You can find everything from news stories to movies to music to books.But, it’s also filled with advertising.You need to know what kinds of things to target and how to present them to your visitors.To make your website relevant, you need to be able to show them the content that is relevant.This is called an […]

How to be a global brand expert: A guide

There are a few things that a brand expert has to do to become a successful online marketer.A lot of them are obvious and, in my opinion, are really easy to do.However, the things that are not obvious are important to know before you can take them on.The list below includes a few basic skills that can help you become […]

Why you should take a sidekick at your next online event

The next time you’re invited to an online event and you don’t feel like being on your own, there’s a better way to go.Here’s how.Read More