What do you know about the internet marketing industry?

A few months ago, Google launched a Google AdWords search for “internet marketing”, and there was a massive spike in search traffic.But what exactly is an internet marketing specialist?In an age of the “internet of things”, internet marketers have always had to be more savvy and savvy in their business than ever before.In this article, we’ll explain what you need […]

Media companies hoping for a boost in earnings from 2020, tech firms warn

A wave of job cuts and layoffs will begin in 2018, according to companies that rely on the Internet for marketing.The Internet advertising industry is in a recession, according the American Chamber of Commerce, and some companies are planning to lay off hundreds of employees this year, as part of a plan to boost profits.The industry has seen a steep […]

Why is the New York Jets going after an internet marketing specialist?

The New York Giants are going after the internet marketing expert that helped their quarterback Josh McCown win the 2016 Super Bowl.The team is in the process of filling a role in the Giants front office, according to multiple sources.ESPN’s Adam Schefter first reported the hiring.The New Orleans Saints and New York’s Giants have also interviewed McCown’s former college quarterback, […]