Internet marketing course: A must-know guide

An online marketing course is the ultimate in marketing education.The course is taught by a professional in the field, and the student has to pass an exam before he or she can apply for a job.The certification of a Certified Internet Marketing Professional is required.This course will give you all the skills you need to build a website.If you’re looking […]

How to be an internet marketing expert

An internet marketing professor from Israel has written a course on how to be a successful online marketing professional.According to a report by Haaretz, the course, entitled “Online Marketing, Marketing Analytics, and Marketing Management: What You Need to Know,” will teach the basics of internet marketing to the public, but will also cover advanced topics such as social media and […]

Learn how to set up an online business on a shoestring

In a post-crisis world, most businesses are struggling to keep up with the growing number of new, emerging, and more efficient services and products.And the old model of “booking” is coming to an end, and online platforms like Amazon and eBay are becoming more accessible to the masses.But there’s a growing body of research suggesting that the business of online […]