How to make a viral video of your friend’s dog using the internet

By now you’ve probably heard about the YouTube video that ended up going viral.The video features a dog, wearing a “T-shirt with your dog’s name on it,” running through a maze with its arms up.“We are trying to make it viral,” the narrator says.“What’s happening here is our dog is running around the house in a maze.She’s running with her […]

‘We’ll have a very large group of people that have never seen anything like it’: Tourism minister says online tourism could boost Australia’s economy

AUSTRALIA is set to become the first country to see the first real online tourist event in more than 30 years, with the opening of the nation’s first virtual touristic destination.Key points:The virtual tour will be held at the National Parks and Wildlife Centre in Canberra, where it will be hosted by Tourism Minister Michael McCormack and National Parks Tourism […]

How to win the internet marketing contest

The internet marketing market has changed dramatically in the past year.As a result, we’re getting a lot of requests to share our latest advice for winning the internet advertising contest.Here are five ways you can win this lucrative competition.1.Follow our guidelines for your competition.The best way to win is to follow the guidelines of our online advertising competition, and then […]