How to Build a $3 Million Internet Marketing Plan

The goal of this guide is to help you build a $3000-4000 internet marketing plan with some real world data and some insights on what it takes to succeed in a new market.The guide covers everything from the basics like the right tool for the job, to the details of how to build a robust digital marketing campaign and how […]

Why you should hire a mentor online: What to expect

Online marketing mentors are a key part of any successful online marketing program.Whether you’re a seasoned or aspiring digital marketing pro, this guide will walk you through the basics of the role.The role requires some understanding of the Internet, the digital business and the internet’s relationship with marketing.A successful mentor will have a clear understanding of your market and the […]

Learn to use Google Analytics in 2018

Online marketing consultancy company SEO Guru, a division of SEO Intelligence, recently revealed the following in a blog post: The internet marketing industry is evolving faster than ever, but as this is such an important business, we believe it is vital to learn the right way to approach the industry and how to best position yourself to succeed in this […]