Why is your online traffic so low?

The internet has never been more dynamic and responsive.We all use social media and online forums constantly to interact and share content.We can all connect via the internet, and it’s a wonderful tool.But, as a webmaster, I know that our internet traffic isn’t the only part of our daily lives that’s going to suffer.This infographic explains why this is the […]

TechCrunch: Amazon offers a $200 gift card for Internet marketing freebie

TechCrunch, December 23, 2017 – Amazon has launched a new way to get around the $200 promotional gift card.The company is offering up to $200 worth of online marketing free coupons on its site, the Amazon Marketplace.The coupon is only available for a limited time and is currently being advertised on the Amazon site.You can read more about the new […]

Online ad agency gets $50 million to help with health care website redesign

Online advertising agency EMC has landed a $50-million commitment to help design and build a new online health care site, according to a regulatory filing.The online health insurance marketplace is being built with EMC’s expertise in the field of online advertising, marketing and technology, according the filing.The new site will be managed by the firm’s partner company, the company said.EMC […]