How to use Adwords to get online results and increase traffic

What is Adwords?In the digital marketing world, Adwords is the advertising software that converts Google Adwords searches into online results.It has been around since 2004 and is now widely used in all sorts of digital marketing operations.Here’s how you can use AdWords to increase your traffic, convert your business to a profitable one, and make more money.1.Set up your AdWords […]

Gives GCHQ access to internet sales data from US-based firms

Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Tuesday authorized the US National Security Agency (NSA) to obtain the personal details of Israelis’ Internet browsing habits, the first time the NSA has been granted such authority.The order was issued on the same day that the US Senate passed a resolution demanding the declassification of a report that said the NSA had tapped […]

When the internet is dead, what does the world look like?

The internet is going the way of the telephone, where you can call anyone anywhere in the world for free.But while phones were a staple of our lives before they were replaced by computers, the internet has changed everything.It’s not just the amount of data it stores.It’s the way it allows people to communicate and communicate in new and different […]

How to promote an online video on Facebook

An online video is the most common way to generate revenue for businesses, but it can also be a difficult one to manage.It can be time-consuming to manage and monetize, and users often forget what to do.We have created an easy to use online marketing party to help you get started.Step 1: Create a Marketing Party Facebook event templateStep 2: […]