How to get the most bang for your buck in Cincinnati’s internet marketing marketing market

Cincinnati, Ohio—If you’re looking to get your online marketing team the most out of your campaign, this is the market for you.The Cincinnati area has some of the largest online marketplaces in the country, with the largest, eHarmony, at over 5 million visitors per month and the largest and most successful marketplace in the state of Kentucky, eBay.But there are […]

Memphis’ Google Fiber, which’s now offering $100,000 grants to companies looking to build gigabit networks

When it comes to building out a gigabit network, Memphis is a great place to look.But there are a few obstacles.For starters, it’s still a very rural area.And there’s a huge gap in access.Google Fiber in Memphis currently offers gigabit internet service for $100 a month.The company is working on a few other cities that offer gigabit speeds, but that’s […]