How to use Google Analytics to help you track your website traffic

The use of Google Analytics in online marketing can help you to track and optimize your website, so you can more effectively deliver your website to your target audience.While this is not a complete list of every Google Analytics use case, the following will give you an idea of some of the common use cases that you may encounter in […]

When you think of internet marketing campaigns, what are some of the most memorable and effective ones?

It may seem like a cliché, but the phrase “internet marketing” is becoming increasingly common these days.And it may seem that way to some people, but for a growing number of online marketers, “internet” is also a marketing term that includes social media.We’ve been using it for a while now.And that’s because it allows for a much more precise definition […]

The Next Big Internet Marketing Revolution? Here’s How the Industry Is Preparing

In an era of ever-increasing competition, the internet marketing industry has a long way to go to compete with its competitors.Yet as the industry seeks to catch up to the pace of innovation, the industry is embracing the concept of holistic marketing.“We’re really just at the beginning of a new era,” says Rob Kielman, president of online marketing company Brando.“The […]