Why do people still buy hotel room upgrades?

A hotel upgrade is one of the few products that people buy in the Indian market.It provides a cheap, easy and hassle-free way of upgrading your hotel room or any other part of your home.But it also raises a few questions.Here are a few of the most common.What is a hotel upgrade?A hotel is the building of a building, the […]

How to be a global brand expert: A guide

There are a few things that a brand expert has to do to become a successful online marketer.A lot of them are obvious and, in my opinion, are really easy to do.However, the things that are not obvious are important to know before you can take them on.The list below includes a few basic skills that can help you become […]

‘We’ll have a very large group of people that have never seen anything like it’: Tourism minister says online tourism could boost Australia’s economy

AUSTRALIA is set to become the first country to see the first real online tourist event in more than 30 years, with the opening of the nation’s first virtual touristic destination.Key points:The virtual tour will be held at the National Parks and Wildlife Centre in Canberra, where it will be hosted by Tourism Minister Michael McCormack and National Parks Tourism […]