How to create a new sidekick app on Android for businesses

Today, we’re going to cover some important details of how to create an app for your team that will complement and enhance your existing team members.These apps are not new, but they are an evolution of the sidekick concept and will be more useful for the teams working on projects related to digital marketing and social media.

Why are they all so excited about the ICO?

A number of online advertising services are touting the ICO as an opportunity to expand their businesses.The token sale will offer investors access to a wide range of services and services to advertisers including:Advertising, adtech,marketing,ad tech,market research,ad consulting,ad strategy,ad development,advertising,market analytics,social media,marketplaces,online advertising,social marketing,ad management,marketer education,online content,social publishing,advertising services,ad services,media marketing,advertising and content marketing,content marketing,online publishing,content,digital content,digital media,advertising platforms,online social […]

When internet marketers fail: Lessons from the biggest successes

Internet marketers are still a relatively young and unproven industry.Most don’t have their own marketing agency or marketing agency, and most agencies aren’t particularly good at delivering targeted campaigns.Yet, some big success stories have come from Internet marketers, and they are inspiring and inspiring.1.Yahoo!vs. Google: Google is the search engine of the internet, but Yahoo!is a social networking and digital […]

Why you should take a sidekick at your next online event

The next time you’re invited to an online event and you don’t feel like being on your own, there’s a better way to go.Here’s how.Read More