How to get the most out of your internet marketing campaign

A new study from the University of Winnipeg has discovered the most effective way to increase the engagement of your online marketing campaign is to have an online presence.The study found that the presence of a website that links to relevant resources is more effective than one that doesn’t.“A website that provides an engaging content experience is a more valuable […]

Why are they all so excited about the ICO?

A number of online advertising services are touting the ICO as an opportunity to expand their businesses.The token sale will offer investors access to a wide range of services and services to advertisers including:Advertising, adtech,marketing,ad tech,market research,ad consulting,ad strategy,ad development,advertising,market analytics,social media,marketplaces,online advertising,social marketing,ad management,marketer education,online content,social publishing,advertising services,ad services,media marketing,advertising and content marketing,content marketing,online publishing,content,digital content,digital media,advertising platforms,online social […]

How to Get Started with Online Marketing in Dayton

Today, the Dayton Internet Marketing Association (DIMA) is excited to announce a brand new program that’s been in the works for the past couple of years.Starting today, you can use your free, online, social media account to market your business to a select group of clients.The program will give you the opportunity to sell your products, services and more online […]

What’s going on with online marketing, therapists and online learning?

I’ve been a therapist for over a decade, and I’m an expert on the subject of online marketing.My practice focuses on a variety of topics including internet marketing.I’ve spent a lot of time with people who are struggling to figure out how to market themselves to clients, and there are lots of tips and tricks that can help.One of those […]